How to Make a Website Step-By-Step Guide

Read the fine print to understand what you’re getting for the price and determine if it aligns with your agency’s needs — both now and in the near future. But while WordPress can help you create stunning, functional websites for your clients, the true potential of these sites is only unlocked when paired with the best web hosting.

What is the difference between web hosting and a domain name?

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In the rare moments he’s not working he’s usually out and about on one of numerous e-bikes in his collection. Another benefit in this case is that it’s easy to upgrade and expand the power of your website, perhaps as your business grows or your personal pages need a little more sophistication. Without web hosting, your website would not be accessible on the internet.

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Create the web hosting packages and allocate the resources that will be allocated to each package. You can create packages based on how many domains can be hosted, bandwidth and disk space. These are the packages that you can list on your website to sell to your visitors.

The monthly price of MochaHost’s cheap web hosting plans starts at just $196.66. Cloud hosting provides your website its own dedicated resources on a network of multiple servers, rather than on a single one. This fast-growing type of hosting makes it possible to access all your website data from anywhere. Cloud hosting offers website owners improved performance and security at an accessible price point. For a more in-depth look at cloud hosting vs. shared hosting, check out our guide. If you opt for WordPress, the next step is to choose a web hosting service.

While a primary web hosting company is the one who actually sets up and maintains servers within their data center, a Reseller can simply rent space on the primary host’s server. In turn, the Reseller can divide up the space they are renting on the server into hosting packages that they can in turn sell to their own customers. Each of the Reseller’s customers, or end users, get access to their own cPanel account to manage their own web hosting accounts. Once you know the type of hosting platform that’ll best work for you, it’s time to shop for the right hosting provider.

Website Setup is a free resource site for helping people to create, customize and improve their websites. Last, but not least, connect your website to Google Search Console.