How to Strengthen Hair: 10 Tips and DIY Treatments

Most often hair that is thinner in diameter is referred to as “fine” hair. This can be confusing, because the opposite type of hair can be referred to as thick or “coarse.” Thin or fine hair in this sense could actually be stronger than thick or coarse hair. Keratin treatments for hair generally include the application of extra keratin extracted from animal products like wool and chicken feathers.

How Often You Should Wash Your Hair, Based on Your Hair Type

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Does protein-powered haircare work?

We love that it contains apple cider vinegar to aid its purifying capabilities, although some people find its scent pretty unpleasant. If the scent doesn’t bother you, we think you’ll love this formula. There are regular showers, and then there are those showers where you do it all—we’re talking shaving, deep cleansing, a hair mask, etc. This perfectly named shampoo is ideal for when you need a complete reset for your hair—something you might try to achieve as part of your do-it-all routine if you have some extra time on Sundays. It’s a clarifying formula that works to completely rid your hair of grease, product buildup, and pollution that could be coming from your water or environment. While it might be a bit too harsh for everyday use, it’s fantastic to achieve a super deep clean.

What to Look for in Shampoo for Oily Hair

For all-natural and bottled brunettes alike, Rahua’s classic formula offers a non-toxic safe zone. “I love the Rahua shampoo and conditioners for color-treated hair,” says Perry. She suggests the line for anyone in need of moisturizing color retention with ultra-natural ingredients. “I find that my clients’ hair doesn’t fade when they are using it, and it is as pure as it gets.

These factors will help you quickly discover a shampoo with the right ingredients, texture, and benefits for your hair. A clarifying shampoo can be a big help for super-oily scalp conditions, but be careful not to overuse the product and dry out your scalp. Because fine hair is so, well, fine, it is especially vulnerable to breakage, which is why excess heat styling is generally not advised.

Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about how we keep our content accurate, reliable and trustworthy. “Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair before rinsing conditioner to get the knots out without extra tugging or pulling on the hair,” Rubin says. Shampoo may cause build-up on hair, so a quarter-size will do you. Use less if you have short hair and more if you have long or thick hair. Anna Harris is an experienced fact-checker and researcher and a beauty writer and editor.

The trichologists at Philip Kingsley have been creating renowned scalp care products for decades, so you can trust this targeted shampoo really works. I had the privilege of visiting the brand’s New York City clinic, and after receiving a full treatment with this shampoo included, I finally felt like my scalp had reached equilibrium. The formula stars a natural surfactant to cleanse without stripping and a potent anti-fungal ingredient for minimizing dry scalp, dandruff, and itching. In an independent consumer study, 82 percent of participants said their scalp felt rehydrated and 83 percent said it was soothed after using this product for four weeks. Avoid shampoos that are hydrating, moisturizing, smoothing, or good for curly hair.