Role of Tiktok in the brand engagement

If this is your first time, you probably don’t know how to add a cover photo and video title to your live stream. Here are the steps to get started live on Tiktok with a video title and cover photo:

When you touch your device’s live screen, you’ll see a “Go LIVE” button. Before you touch it, you can check the top of the screen, which will say “Cover Photo” and “Write a Name.”
So click on the cover photo option and select a photo from the gallery or use the camera to click on the new photo. Add a cover photo to tap live
If you select one, tap save to return to the same Go Live screen.
Here you have to click on the box “Write name” to add a name. add a title to your live video
Add a title for your video. add name
You can then start live by clicking the “Go LIVE” button. Make sure you select the correct name for your live streaming video. It will appeal to a real audience with a well-named topic on the subject.

Add filters to your video
You can also add filters to your video and live video. Additional filters are ideal for improving the quality of your video. Additional filters can enhance the quality of your video, making the live audience more enjoyable. The ssstiktok  is  most popular tool for converting any video without watermark. To add filters to a live broadcast:

You can also add filters before playing live video. To do this, you will see an effects / enhancement icon on the right side of the screen. improve the quality of your faucet Then you can select the desired filter. the best tap filters. Most people are probably confused as to how they might end up live on TikTok.

So you will see some buttons at the bottom of the screen. You will see the power button icon.
You have to tap it and then you will see a confirmation of the end of the live broadcasts Tap. Then you must confirm it to complete it.

The benefits of live video
By posting live videos to Tiktok, you can expand your Tiktok account and get more followers on your account. Tiktok will not interrupt your live sessions unless you follow the instructions set by Tiktok itself. That you can enjoy all the benefits by broadcasting live video on Tiktok. You can promote certain types of goods or just play games for live viewers. I see the main benefit of living on Tiktok in making money. Most people just start living and start playing and entertaining live streamers to make money on TikTok. Making money from Tiktok is one of the main reasons to live in Tiktok. Not only Tap, but also other social media platforms for live broadcasting provide live streamers that can be monetized by entertaining viewers.

With fun, other users will get and expand your TikTok account through your live video watching on your TikTok account. You can communicate with live Tiktok followers through comments and also by forcing them to join the live broadcast. I mean, you can live on TikTok.

How is Dual live on TikTok?
Tiktok allows two users to live in the same framework at the same time. Dual live can be anyone as friends or anyone in the audience. If you want to live TikTok with someone, you can follow these st