The story of the umbrella against ultraviolet light Come to know about umbrellas

umbrellas, everyone already knows as ของชำร่วย. Because it is a tool that must be used in the rain bright sunshine Or some people hold The story of the umbrella against ultraviolet light Come to know about umbrellas
umbrellas for more fashion. Due to the fact that there are currently producing beautiful fashion umbrellas to buy and hold. Or it’s a cool umbrella to keep in the car. It’s good. The story of the umbrella, whatever it is, is very close to the matter, but many of you still don’t know some information about umbrellas. including the tricks of the umbrella who did not know from where before

ultraviolet light umbrella Can it block UV rays, right?

More for women to focus on skin. It’s better to keep together than to cure. Before our skin prematurely fades, right now, UV rays, or ultraviolet rays. Can stimulate and result in wrinkles, blemishes, freckles, and sunburn, including skin cancer. When you need to go out in the sun, you need to bring an umbrella. Now, there are umbrellas that protect against UV rays are sold everywhere. which has been tested by cutting fabric from ultraviolet light umbrellas to consider as well as found that the fabric on the color side, the pattern can be seen that the knitting threads are perpendicular to each other The silver side of the fabric is completely sealed.

What is ultraviolet (UV) insulated umbrella cloth coated with?

An umbrella that can protect against UV rays. The shiny silver color is aluminum metal. which is believed to be a substance of aluminum pigments in fabric dyes Aluminum is a metal So it can reflect light and UV rays. and infrared rays flourish for that reason UV umbrellas are therefore able to protect the skin from UV rays much better than normal umbrellas. But how well can it be protected and protected? depending on multiple causes.