Three Ways to Guard Against Seasonal Illness And Disease

An ounce of prevention may be worth a pound of cure. That’s one of numerous wise sayings which has survived throughout the ages, and with valid reason, it’s true! You have apparent examples like driving way too rapidly and following very close causes crashes, and eating an excessive amount of sweet and oily food will help make you fat. What I’ve just recently discovered, nonetheless, is you will find certain fairly easy ways to guard against seasonal illnesses and diseases.

A bit of History

In the late nineteenth century, Louis Pasteur and Antoine Bernard Bechamp were each learning the main cause of illness. With the entire body of theirs of work, 2 schools of thought about illness emerged.

Pasteur believed that microbes triggered disease, and his job led to the germ theory. The germ theory is the foundation because modern medicine, killing the germ with an assortment of costly chemic concoctions that has got to be very regulated since they’re, for probably the most part, poisons.

Bechamp believed that illness was brought on by imbalances in the inner body terrain of ours. His job led to the terrainist theory of disease. Natural healing providers typically subscribe to this concept. Maintaining the body surfaces healthy is an ounce of prevention, as disorder can’t take hold in case the surface isn’t a good setting to maintain it.

To the Present

There’s a sizable body of research to allow for the terrainist concept, but conventional medication ignores it. For example, has the physician of yours ever spoken for you about the body pH of yours? Mine hasn’t. Study has found that viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells thrive on acid pH, and also introducing alkalinity into cancer cells destroys them. May it not be rational to presume that in an alkaline environment the cancer, bacteria, and viruses wouldn’t take hold in the very first place? Would it not be a good idea to monitor the pH of ours as closely as the blood pressure level of ours? Rather we’re urged to help pricey study to “find the cure”. Friends, the cure might well only be an ounce of prevention along with an alteration of the manner in which we take care of the internal terrain of ours.