Tourism in Turkey and how to obtain a Turkey visa

Turkey is one of the rapidly growing countries. It is currently considered one of the economically and industrially strong countries. Turkey is very interested in tourism, mainly because it contains natural and unnatural tourist areas. It is easy to obtain a Turkish visa and visit these wonderful tourist places.

the advantages of tourism in Turkey

Turkey is considered one of the most beautiful and cheapest tourist destinations globally in terms of the nature, culture, and technological services that Turkey provides to tourists and the services and facilities it provides for tourists in particular.

The most desirable areas for tourism in Turkey

Istanbul, Trabzon, and Antalya are the first destinations for most tourists coming to Turkey. The following are the features that characterize each city.


Istanbul is considered the tourist and cultural capital of Turkey. It contains many historical monuments, Roman and Ottoman, and many museums in different fields, including religious, artistic, and others. Istanbul is also characterized by the diversity of its culture, inhabited by many nationalities from all over the world. It is also the first destination for all tourists worldwide.


Trabzon is characterized by its picturesque nature, mountains, and lakes. The nature of the Black Sea region, which Trabzon overlooks, is one of the most beautiful things to see. If you are a nature and mountain lover, you should visit Trabzon and its surroundings.


Antalya is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean, where tourists go for recreation and swimming in its calm sea, characterized by its water’s purity. Antalya is the preferred destination for tourists from Europe, Russia, and Ukraine. It is characterized by its moderate climate in winter and hot in summer, so it is a favorite destination for those who love the sea and recreation in it.

How to Obtain a Turkish visa

Turkey is one of the easiest and fastest countries to issue a visa to those who wish to come. You can apply through the Turkey Visa website and obtain a Turkish visa directly in easy, fast, and safe steps, or you can visit the nearest Turkish consulate or embassy to you and obtain a Turkish visa.

For inquiries, you can communicate and inquire about the Turkish visa for the Turkey eVisa website. All your questions will be answered and directed according to what you need.